Yanmar Transmission Mount Fabrication

For a Yanmar 3GM30F diesel sailboat engine, a mounting bracket is necessary to provide a fixed point aft of the transmission to which the cable controlling forward and reverse can be mounted.  

After about 30 years, mine had given up the ghost, with the lower cable clamp mounting hole corroding away completely. 

This is not a Yanmar part (as far as I can tell) and would have been fabricated by Ericson, the manufacturer of my boat, designed to fit my engine installation.  I removed the bracket arm from the transmission and found that it was ⅛” aluminum.  I ordered a replacement piece of metal from Amazon for $23. 

I needed to create a copy: 

I traced the piece and worked to match the shape.  The ⅛” aluminum was easily managed by my standard woodworking tools.  I used a small Ryobi battery skil-saw and a jig-saw to cut the inside radius. 

I also drilled out holes that were the same size as what I found in the original part. 

I filed down some of the edges that were cut and drilled.  

The next step was to introduce a couple of slight port-starboard bends that the original piece has, presumably to align the mounted cable with the pulling axis of the transmission lever. 

I’ll reinstall the piece later this week and check fit.