Brightwork refinishing

I had put this refinishing work off for all of my boat ownership. Many entries made the process seem laborious and the work does nothing to make the boat safer or faster. Sailing skills are not improved by the effort. But I relented this week. It is laborious but satisfying.

Heat gun with a scraper worked best for me where the varnish was still well adhered. I brought nearly everything down to bare wood.

Day 1: 4 hours, cleaning, sanding, masking rails and transom.

Day 2: 2-3 hours staining and disassembling companionway.

Day 3: 2-3 hours First coat of varnish on rails and transom, companionway sanding and prep, staining.

Day 4: hours. Sanding and coats on rails and transom. First coat on companionway.

Day 5: 3 hours. Coats on rails and transom. Varnish coats on companionway. Polish bronze hardware and brass piano hinges on companionway doors.

Minwax Helmsman over Varathane Gunstock stain. Your mileage may vary. I like the dark wood contrast accent with navy and light gelcoat

Now I need canvas to hide my work, but that will have to wait a couple of months.