Reefing revisited

More practice learning to sail my boat.

The high pressure system that’s been sitting off the coast of Northern California for the month of February, robbing us of much-needed precipitation, but in turn providing warm balmy days, finally relented. A good bit of wind on a Saturday to test my new boom sheaves, and refreshed wheel brake, engine controls. Couldn’t muster a buddy, so single-handing.

This was an upgrade from my last reefing test, which included a 12 year old (+.25 crew) a 5 year old (-.375 crew) and dog (-.25 crew).

Got my reefing lines properly tied to the boom, and everything worked as intended. Set the second reef to begin with as I knew it was going to blow, and I wanted to lay out some jib for practice and to keep the boat balanced. The main still winds up with too much beer-belly overhang that I need to address at a later date with lazy jacks. In the mean time, I could use the reefing ties built into the sail. I didn’t bother with it and would have had a bit of a challenge as my dodger impairs easy access to a good part of the sail.

Fought out to spitting distance of being under the bridge. Lots of current and varying wind in “the slot” as I am told people call the Golden Gate itself. I don’t have a functional wind meter onboard present. I would guess on the Beaufort, near the South Tower of the GGB, I saw, “Moderate waves, taking a more pronounced long form; many white horses are formed. ” which is a Force 5, 17-21 knots, based on this scale.

Turned around and headed back to Sausalito. Navionics on my phone said we did 8 and change knots. I don’t really care how fast I can make my boat go, (but of course, everyone deep down cares about how fast he/she can make his/her boat go…)


Another test run Monday. Need Lazy Jacks, but need an Autopilot to help drive the boat while I raise and lower the main with complicating lines. To get the Autopilot, I need to get a better handle on the electronics, and to do that I need to study and plan to begin by excising my Dead-On-Arrival, now totally-outmoded Loran.

Right, remove the Loran to get rid of the beer belly in the main. Onward.