How to remove Ericson Yacht galley drawers

A quick note on a task I recently puzzled out:

My boat’s galley offers two latching drawers intended to store small items, and not intended to accidentally fall out of the enclosing cabinet even when opened.  I recently found myself with a task inside the galley cabinet that would be made much easier if the drawers were to be removed.  So how to remove the darn drawer without breaking the slide?

The fully-extended drawer sticks with a plastic piece visible on the bottom:

Gently insert a slender standard screwdriver into the central channel in the white plastic piece: 

With the tip of the the screwdriver, gently pull down to raise a flexible portion of the white plastic over small metal lip in the rail into which the drawer slides. 

Voila, out pops your drawer.

To reinsert the drawer, no screwdriver is necessary.  The design of the white plastic piece will slip over the metal catch and ‘click’ into place. 

Much better light and arms-reach access inside of the cabinet for whatever you need to do.